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Which Cybernet Should I Write?

We are not Cybernet Ventures, Cyber.Net, CyberNET, Cyberco, Cybernet Manufacturing, or any of dozens of companies with the name "Cybernet" in them somewhere -- we're Cybernet Systems.  In fact, we aren't even affiliated with any of these companies.  We were just the first ones to use the name online, so we have the simplest domain name.  As a result, we very often get mistaken for some of these other companies.

Every day, we get calls and messages from folks looking for these other companies.  And while it may not be our fault that those comments or concerns aren't getting where they need to go, we still like to help those folks out -- hey, you never know, they might be customers of ours someday!

So if you're not really sure if we're the right Cybernet to write, we probably aren't.  There's a lot of "Cybernet somethings" out there, but here are the most common companies we are mistaken for:

If you have a mysterious charge on your account for something called "*venture", "AVS", or referencing Panama City and/or California: you're looking for a company called Cybernet Ventures and their Adult Check system.  People with charges from these folks (which are typically in the $15-$20 U.S. per month range) are mistakeningly referred to us every day.  Cybernet Ventures has a specific form to mail them about these charges here.

If you are contacting us about Zero Footprint PCs: you're looking for a company called Cybernet Manufacturing.

If you've seen news of a company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan under federal investigation: you're looking for a company called The CyberNET Group (also known as Cyberco Holdings).

If you are contacting us about a gaming TV show you saw: you're looking for the home website of a TV show about computer games that's called Cybernet.

If you are contacting us web hosting or internet access issues: you might be looking for a lot of different companies, depending on where you live.  Cybernet Communications, a company based in Canada, is the most common one -- but you might also be looking for Cybernet in Germany or Switzerland, Cybernet in Belgium, Cybernet in Mexico, Cybernet in Australia, Cybernet in Poland, in Pakistan, or even Cybernet in Indonesia.  And there are plenty more, all over the world -- these are just the ones we hear about most often!

And there's more: there's even more uses of the name Cybernet out there -- an internet cafe in Melbourne, for instance!

You are, of course, always welcome to write us.  But if it's about something we aren't involved with, we're going to end up directing you to whichever of the above-listed companies it sounds like you're looking for.

In the meantime, should you hear of any other places using the name Cybernet that we might be mistaken for, please contact us and tell us so!  We'll add it here, and maybe it'll save someone else a hassle trying to find them.

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