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Clockwise from the lower left vehicles with Cybernet robotics kits: Hyster commercial counterbalanced forklifts (all models), U2UARV Skid Steer Gladiator Variant, U2UARV Polaris Ranger variant (also compatible to EV and Razr), Gladiator combat version, Army RTCH (ISO carrier), Army Tactical 5k forklift. Also supported are HMWWV and commercial vehicles with physical or CAN drive interfaces.

Cybernet Systems Corportation's robotics work traces its origins to Cybernet's spin off from the University of Michigan and Environmental Research Instititute of Michigan's Center for Autonomous and Man-Controlled Robotic and Sensing Systems.  This center worked on the development of orbital repair and maintenance robots, and developed the optical character recognition technology foundation that now sorts most of the US Postal Service's first class mail.

Early in Cybernet's robotics history, we developed the first portable robotic control unit for a mobile robot, and this work led to a series of command stations designed for field rugged intelligence gathering and robotic controller uses.  Cybernet has since competed in DARPA's 2007 Urban Challenge as Team Cybernet, developed unconventional robotic platforms and force feedback devices of various sizes, and deployed many robotic systems through our partnership with Immersion Corporation (including consumer force feedback joysticks, mice, wheels, etc.).

Cybernet Robotics Materials
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  • Team Cybernet at the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge
    This sub-site details our entry in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, the Cybervan.
  • HAAMER Joint
    Cybernet's HAAMER Joint system allows precise autonomous docking that can actively join two powered vehicles in the 1 ton weight class.
  • OpenSkies Network Technology
    The OpenSkies Network Technology is an intelligent distributed agent routing framework that provides a low-cost, high performance solution that is easy to implement virtually anywhere that demands rapid, dynamic communications.

The Cybernet OCU consists of a handheld computer display and a wearable vest

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